Monday, August 13, 2012

It's true.

It's not you, it's me.

We're not breaking up, I promise. But, maybe I have so many things going on right now that I've been letting you slip to a lower priority. I'm not sure what actionable things I"m going to do to prevent it, as the other things going on are just SO awesome.

LaserEyes asked me to marry him while we were on vacation in Jeju, the most beautiful and popular of islands in South Korea. And it WAS beautiful, such a monumental heart swelling experience. I've always known it was him. I loose my words when I think about how happy I am with him, with our life, with our plans.

We found a puppy a few days before he proposed, an adorable terrier "mongrel" (as they called mixed breeds in Korea). We've named her Rhubarb Sandy Beach Forrest, and she's melted everyone's heart. Even our non-animal loving, only animal-eating friends enjoy her company and swoon. This is all very exciting.

What do you want to know? Our plans? They always change. The definite thing is that we're returning to Canada by September 2013 (return for him, new beginning for me) for him to return to school for a Masters in Landscape Architecture. Which I think is fucking awesome. Did you know my dad is a L.Arch? As well as my favorite sort-of-dad/godfather? As well as my good family friend in Toronto? All wonderful men. I'm not surprised.

And, well. I'm happy.

Loving you, GB


  1. hello! proposal details please!!

  2. Jamie! I've moved over here- I hope to see your lovely presence there!


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